What’s Your Time Worth?

MoneyReally. What is your time worth?

Truly. Honestly. Deeply….

…in the universal sense?

What is an hour of your time worth?

The answer?

Whatever you think it’s worth.

If you think it’s worth $12, that’s what you’re gonna get for it.

If you think it’s worth $250, that’s what you are going to get.

If you think it’s worth $1000, same thing, sooner or later.

Several people I know charge over $2000 an hour. Some charge much more.

Sure, once you’ve decided what an hour of your time is worth, then you have to find a way to convince someone to give you that money for your time.

But that’s the easy part. The much harder part is actually deciding and believing that you are worth it in the first place.

Once you know what your time is worth, it’s just a matter of finding a few people to pay you that amount for that time.

After all, if you double your prices, you only need half as many people to pay you that amount to make exactly as much as you were making before.

$100/hr x 20hr/week = $2000

$250 x 8hr/week = $2000

$500 x 4hr/week = $2000

What do you think is easier?  Convincing 20 people to pay you $100 or convincing four people to pay you $500?

It’s actually much easier to get a few clients with higher rates.

People equate high prices to value. They don’t believe you would charge that much unless you are good.

And yes, you have to deliver.

But is the car that costs 10x as much as a ‘normal car’ really 10x as good as getting you from A to B?

Do $500 jeans keep you better covered or 10x warmer than $50 jeans?


And yet, how many of you are there?


How easy is it for someone to get exactly the experience and value they get from you?

Probably pretty hard.

So, why would you deprive yourself of earning what you are actually capable of receiving?

What are you worth?

Talk to me if you want to start getting what you are really worth.




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