Deep Relationships

I love deep relationships.

And I spent a lot of time looking for them in the place where everyone told me they could be found: romantic love land.

But I’ll tell you what I mostly found in romantic love land. Not that much honesty. Not that much openness. A lot of hidden agendas. People who didn’t know how to say what they wanted or needed. And this included me quite often.

So I went to another place: “How about I help you reach your goals land?” And we started using money as an exchange medium instead of acceptance, love, sex, touch, empathy, and so on.

And I have found I love the relationships I find here.

I’ve worked very deeply with someone in particular for longer than a year. She jokingly calls herself “my oldest child”. Her business is soaring. Her life is transforming. And she is more open and honest and transparent and vulnerable than in any romantic relationship I have ever had–after the first few months on NRE.

And, boundaries are a lot clearer. “You are over there. I am over here.” There have been all sorts of feelings at various times, but we have always been clear about the purpose of our relationship. And so it has weathered all kinds of storms.

And now, I am inviting a few new people into that type of deep collaborative relationship. And it is rocking our worlds. I am feeling I get to be 100% of myself using 100% of my talents and skills helping them get what they want. And having my needs taken care of via clear agreements.

No wonder so many people find such deep fulfillment in their professional lives. Often the relationships are more raw, honest, vulnerable, and deep than what we are able to achieve in our so-called ‘personal lives’.

In addition, the mission is often much clearer and more unified: we know what we are doing.

I’m loving what I am creating, who I am supporting, and the world that is coming into existence via me being me.



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