Why you are worth $1000/hr

80% of people….probably 95%–are not very good at their job. Why? Because they are in the wrong job!

When someone finds what they are *really* meant to do, their income can increase 4-20x because their power and contribution increases by that amount.

  • I taught English as a foreign language. I was OK at it. I could live from it.
  • I wrote technical manuals (woo hoo!)
  • I ran a translation agency.
  • I was an IT consultant.

I was just fine at all of these things. Pretty good. Pretty quick. Fine. I lived.

But it wasn’t what I was made for.

This is what I was made for!

This uses 100% of my skills, abilities, and talents (and then some!). This is super-challenging. This is making a difference.

And I love it.

And what is the potential here? 10x what I earned doing something I didn’t really like. Maybe 100x, over time. Why? Because I will stick with it. Because I’m passionate about it. Because it fits me.

If you’ve discovered who you are, go do that thing that provides that value to the world.

And suddenly, you will earn much more helping people much more powerfully and deeply.



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