The State of Sexual Healing in the US: Interview with Eyal

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This was a rather fun interview I did with Eyal from about coaching, the state of sexual healing, mentoring, working hands-on vs hands-off, trust, and lots more.

Find Eyal here.

Some key points (thanks to Eyal for writing these down):

  • Everyone needs a coach.
  • Focus on the results you bring to your clients, not on your title.
  • To get started or to grow your business, learn to speak in front of people in a room or even just on a webinar.
  • Most kinds of coaching can work via skype.
  • Aim to have both local and international clients.
  • Why talented spiritual people suck at business.
  • How Jesus sold stuff
  • The real key to raising your rates is mindset
  • When you’re good at something, sometimes you don’t notice it because it’s easy for you.
  • Why you shouldn’t be accessible to everyone.
  • To succeed, be different, be the black sheep in the room.
  • Know your value, who you are, and who you’re meant to serve.
  • Just about any result that you want to get that you thought you can only do on the [massage] table, you can do without touching. You can do it legally.
  • I don’t think there’s such a thing as a sexual healer or a non-sexual healer. We have so much shame we must separate the two. In the future, they will be more integrated.
  • If you’re free sexually, you can’t be controlled anymore.

There’s also a YouTube version, but the audio isn’t very good.



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