Fail Frequently (and Impressively)

Wanna “succeed”?

Learn to “fail”.

Learn to fail often.

Learn to fail awesomely majestically.

Most entrepreneurs get in trouble because of fear of failure. Which looks a hundred ways:

  • Nobody coming to a free event.
  • Nobody signing up for the session.
  • Nobody recommending you to friends.
  • No money coming in.

There is only one guaranteed way to fail. And that is to stop. To give up.

How many presentations have you done?

Fail 100 speeches before you even worry about their results.

Fail with a hundred client conversations.

Fail over and over and over.

There’s only a few places where it matters to fail.


Free diving.


Everything else is recoverable and you learn something.

Fail. Fail a lot.

The master is the one who failed more than the novice ever succeeded.



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