What and How is a Sexy, Powerful Woman?

I don’t know. I can’t know, because you are unique in all the world.


However, you must master these three things:

  • Your time
  • Your money
  • And your sex

You plan your time and your time serves you for your greatest benefit.

Money is constantly flowing toward you (as a token of admiration from those who appreciate you) in abundant levels. You manage it masterfully as part of your energetic inheritance.

And your sexual/erotic/life energy must be cultivated and flowing so as not to dry up, wilt, and die.

How do you master these? Adding consciousness to them.


You master influence with at least one:

  • Eyes
  • Voice
  • Hands
  • or Movement

And if you have a higher degree of mastery on multiple levels, even better.

Practice expressing, speaking, touching, and moving.

Inner work

You let go of limiting thoughts, constantly. This is especially important because of how powerful your mind is.

You release old emotion constantly, to be in the moment and connected to yourself deeply.

Practically this means: meditation and journaling


My suggestion: LearnĀ Sex 3.0 and Perfect Relating to make your own empowered informed choices.

That’s enough to start.



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