All of You Have to Make $100k+


Because it makes you happy.

Studies appear to show that general well-being levels off after a certain level of income is reached. That level is pretty generally around $75k for employees in the US.

Since those who are self-employed have to pay their own benefits, this rounds out to somewhere around $100k for them.

When potential clients approach me, this is the first thing we look at. None of them has everything they want or need on a physical level if they aren’t grossing these kinds of numbers.

And we live in a material world, as Madonna famously said, after all.

So, if you don’t have a vision nor a plan to get you to that place, you probably won’t be very happy.

Yes, I know the starving artists and musicians and comics on their way to success. The healers who give away their time and feel it’s ok to be in poverty.

But if you were generating value to people in line with your potential value, you would be helping people on a much deeper level and making a multiple of what you make now.

So, I won’t accept or work with anyone who doesn’t want to make at least $100k a year.

And, if you come to me, this is the first thing we solve together, if it isn’t solved already.

After your basic needs are met (put your oxygen mask on first, before you can help others), then we can go after all your crazy dreams.



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