Write a Love Letter

Remember when you used to get letters? Handwritten? Remember how that felt? [If not, imagine it ;)]

Someone took time out to write to you. Then they took the time to put a stamp on it and put it in the mailbox.

In just a few days, you received it!


We read them over and over. We pondered every word. We thought about what they were thinking.

And, more often than not, we wrote back.

And that was fine, because it took about a week for the mail to to get there and back. Correspondence went slowly. Not like an e-mail, where you can completely exhaust yourself of ideas going back and forth like ping-pong balls.

It was difficult for us letter-writers, when e-mail came along. All the sudden, we would write, send, and then, *bing!* a message came back! Now what? haha…kids these days.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is about helping your clients.

Why help clients?

That is how you get paid. And, you get a wonderful feeling from helping people.

Not enough clients?

Write a letter.

Sure, you can write an e-mail. But spend as much time, care, attention, and focus as if it were a letter. As if you were going to mail it and want someone you to read it with care.

What will you write?

You’ll write what your heart feels:

  • How you felt with them the last time
  • How much progress they made or what kind of experience you shared
  • What vision you see for them
  • What you would like them to experience

In other words, it is like a love letter. A deep, meaningful connection from you to them recalling the good times and inviting them back into an experience or deeper transformation with you.

This can work wonders.

It may not make everyone come back immediately.

But the energy it sends out to the universe attracts those who are ready and willing to do the very journey that you described. You can even use some of the things you wrote to describe your services or for future marketing copy.

No clients? Write a ‘love letter’ to your old clients every day and send it via e-mail and tell me about the results.




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