Ryan’s Sales Process

Sales is all about helping people!

Listening. (And taking great notes–seeing what stands out)

Reflecting (This is what you want? Am I hearing that correctly?)

Making powerful invitations–that deeply serve your clients.

This is what sales is.

My sales process.

1. Someone attends an event  or approaches me on the web OR (more rarely), I approach them. I reply very quickly. Usually within a couple hours with 3 diff appointment times.

2. We set up an appointment. I say ‘let’s have a chat’. I schedule an hour in. The conversation goes from between 15-45 minutes 90% of the time.

3. If we are not a fit, we end after about 15 mins and I send them to what could really help them.

4. If we feel like a fit, I break after 30-45 mins and say, “Look, I want to dive into all of this more deeply with you. I want to have a conversation where we discuss exactly everything that is bothering you, what you want, what it would look like if you had it, and what has been keeping you from it. Then I will introduce to you how I could help you get it. And then we decide whether to work together. Sound good?” We then make a 2h appointment to do just that (3-7 days later).

5. We have the exploratory session (yuck to yum). I introduce my program. I invite them into a structure (such as $2k/series or long-term program). They say yes, no or money woes!

6. If they have money woes, (want to work but really can’t pay), I sometimes offer to help them solve those in another 90-min session (after which, they bring money to begin). If yes, we move forward, if they say no, I generally don’t push. I wish them all the best.

(No not around money virtually never happens at this level. After almost 3 hours together they pretty much want to start in some format–90% yes rate for something).








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