Dealing with Money $%^&

So many of us respond to something we want with ‘I can’t afford it’!

If I told you all the stuff I have done and do even though ‘I can’t afford it’, your jaw would drop.

Would you like to clear your money $%^& so you can get what you actually want?

Here’s a powerful process I use.

First, *decide what it is you want*.

Most of us don’t allow ourselves to *really want* anything that we feel we can’t get. We think it’s painful. (I wonder where we learned that desire is painful?) I have learned that NOT desiring is MORE painful!

Look at a 5-year-old. Do they allow themselves to want things that they are being denied or can’t get?


And what happens?

Parents weaken. Grandma shows up. SOMEONE gives them what they want, sooner or later.

Why? Because they know how to ask and they don’t give up. We *learned* to stop wanting and not ask anymore.

“Except you become like little children, you can’t live in the kingdom of God”.

Time to go BACK to that space. Here’s how you do it.


Step 1: ALLOW yourself to WANT whatever you want. Truly. Deeply. Powerfully. Let it vibrate and resonate within you. Feel the EMOTIONS and SENSATIONS and FEELINGS that you would feel if you had that thing. IMAGINE your life as you EXPERIENCE it. Allow yourself to be consumed with these feelings.

Step 2: BECOME AWARE of how things are right *now*. Really *feel it* in your bones. Feel the fear, if it is there. Feel the sadness, if it is there. Feel the rage of being denied or held back! Really allow yourself to deep dive into the feelings of WANTING what you want and the gap between THAT and reality, whatever those feelings are. Give yourself time for this.

(By the way, if you WANT something, it’s because you can have it.)

Step 3: LIST all the reasons you believe you can’t have what you want. Write them all down. Then put a number from 1-10 next to them about how TRUE they feel. 10=totally true.

THEN, have a conversation with yourself about each of these BELIEFS. Examine them. Talk to yourself about them.

“Is this true?” “Am I sure?” Start there and have a ‘back and forth’ with the part of you that believes that.

Limiting beliefs can *always* be deconstructed.

Do that until you resolve each of the beliefs down to 2 or less out of 10.

Step 4: Take WHATEVER action you feel inspired to to move toward your desire.

Step 5: LET GO. Let God/Higher Self do his/her/its thing.

That’s it!

In summary, to get what you want:

1. Imagine what you want and how HAVING IT would feel, in detail.

2. Feel where you are now deeply.

3. List all the reasons #1 can’t happen.
Talk to yourself about each of those reasons until you see they are nonsense.

4. Take whatever action you are inspired to take.

5. Let go.

I’m loving the opportunity to present these ideas in context for a purpose. Try it out!



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