How One Small Weakness or Flaw can Invalidate Everything – Discipline and Humility

Discipline. It’s a word I hated for a very long time.

“Others making me do things.” That’s how it felt to me.

“I don’t want discipline! I don’t need discipline.

I am free!”

Wait a minute.

I have learned (in my old age)…

No matter your gifts and abilities…though you can do all miracles, know all things, and have all power …

If you have one character flaw, bad habit, or weakness…

It can all be useless.

That weakness can destroy or invalidate all the rest, if it isn’t handled.

The worst part?

Often, as a gifted superstar, you won’t even see it.

You will continue ‘being great’ and making miracle after miracle and yet never figure out why your results are mediocre or worse.

Thus comes the discipline. And the humility.

Humility to find out what you are lacking–from those who care about you and can see you clearly.

And discipline to work on it until it is no longer in the way.

3 months?
6 months?
A couple years?

Are you willing to put in that time to develop that weakness, overcome that flaw, and move through that habit–to get what you really want?

Even if it takes that long?



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