Please, get rich

When I first found ‘my’ spirituality, I brought my beliefs about money into it:

  • Love of money is the root of all evil (better not have too much!)
  • Easier for the camel to get through the eye of the needle than a rich man into heaven
  • By asking for money for my work, I deprive people who have little/none of my service


  • Money was responsible for my parents fighting/divorce
  • Money is used to make weapons to kill people
  • Money is used to keep people in poverty

Guess how my finances looked when I was really feeding these beliefs?

A few years ago, I was even seriously considering going ‘off grid’…moving up to some mountain and living without money.

However, God then said, “Ryan, I want you to move to the most expensive city in the US.”

Alright. Better figure out this money thing.

What I learned was that money is just a tool. Like a table. Or chair. Or calculus.

It’s a concept of organization we use. It has no volition. Money doesn’t go *do* anything on its own. It has no moral imperative.

*People* do things with money.

And, if we don’t like the things that some people do with money, or the world around us as affected by money, how do we change them?

By staying poor and begging them to change?

Or by bringing more and more money under our control so we can use it to influence the world in ways we want?

Then I began to see all the positive things money does and that rich people do.

I conducted a ‘money forgiveness process’ to let go of my grudges and anger and fear around money.

I had my first $10k coaching month shortly thereafter.

And I began to see how so much of what we all can do to serve others and the world around us is limited and stopped by our fears and beliefs around money. Especially with healers, coaches, counselors, and others seeking to serve and do good.

So, despite the fact that my favorite things to teach often have to do with healing, client work, relating, sexuality, etc…I started sharing more and more about my breakthroughs with money, business, sales, and healing those beliefs. If we don’t get our money stuff handled in this society, our effectiveness is simply limited. That’s all there is to it.

Get my “5 Keys to a $10k/month practice” on (you can get it on the right of that page) for you if you want to know how to build a large, successful, sustainable biz in our field–or anything dealing with people directly 1:1.

Please, get rich.

Get rich for yourself (how effectively can you help others when your tank is almost empty?).

Get rich for those you serve.

Get rich to magnify your energy for good in the world.

Let me know if you want help.



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