Three Requirements: Trust. Commitment. Surrender

My clients weren’t getting what I thought they could. I didn’t know why.

They would jump ship, often right before a breakthrough.

Or postpone working together.

So, I would try harder and harder. New techniques. More training. More ‘free hours’ with them.

Didn’t help.

Now, admittedly, the places that people say they want to go with me are confronting. Scary.

But I listened to two pieces of advice by those who have gone before.

First, Ben Rode. “We require three things of our clients: Trust, commitment, and surrender.”

Second, by Steve Chandler, “There is a price at which people are ‘seasoning their lives’ with a bit of coaching. And there is another price at which they commit to transformation.”

Third, by Brian Whetten, “Coaching success comes from three things. 10% coaching skills. 30% the coach’s presence. And 60% from client commitment.”

And the last piece: It’s they who are responsible for their results. Not I.



How to make sure my clients were committed?

I took the plunge. I talked to current and possible clients this week, and I named, what were for me, *stratospheric* prices.

Something amazing happened.

All of the conversations were very powerful. So much more energy was present. They thanked me. Profusely.

And, a couple of them said, “Yes.” To fees which they had no idea how to pay, but they committed to finding a way. Because they could see and trust themselves, their goals, and that I would support them in getting there.

One person has been coaching with me for months. Since I told her I was raising her fees over 10x (and she happily agreed), she has had more results in five days than in all of our work before that combined.

It’s changed her thinking about herself. Money. Power. Time.

All of these beliefs are shifting. Just by charging a lot more money.

And my job got much easier. No more pushing. They are in.

Trust. Commitment. Surrender.

Trust: To the process. To their dreams. To really achieving them.

Commitment: To the path, no matter how difficult.

And surrender: To be open to try new things, be in beginner’s mind, and let go.



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