Why double your prices or nothing?

I’ve told many many people through the years to double their prices. Every time they have, things go well.

When they just increment their prices, they lose clients and money.


You have your comfort zone, your stretch zone, and your panic zone.

Your comfort zone is where you are now.

Your stretch zone is raising prices a little–this will trigger fear, panic, adrenaline etc. (From mind/thoughts) This will flow into your body and energy and create a self-reinforcing ripple of results that will make things go worse. Every conversation, every person is going to feel that fear, resonate with it, and not feel comfortable working with you.

Your panic zone is even further out that the stretch zone. Now, you your heart is beating madly and you are breaking out in cold sweats. Now, things will go much worse.

Usually, doubling your prices is BEYOND both the stretch AND panic zone. What does that mean?

It means that it sounds/feels so ridiculous to you, that your mind no longer knows what to do with it. It becomes a game at that point. You just relax and name the ‘crazy’ price and the client says, “Sure.” (Or, even if you lose 30% of clients, you are still making more money, because of the higher rate!)

This is how millionaires and billionaires see and do money. It’s a game. It’s fun. You get a million. You lose a million once in awhile maybe. It’s about keeping score in a game, not about: self-worth, value, “service” or anything else.

When you start seeing everything but especially money as a game, you become eligible to the freedom and emotional relaxation to ‘take risks’ to actually get where those people are financially, or in whatever else is important to you.




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