Have One Leadgen Event Per month

Life is well divided into months.

A day is over quickly.

A week is harried.

A month is plenty of time to:

1) have an idea

2) take steps to move the idea forward and

3) See what the results are.

So, have a leadgen activity every month.

2-6 new leads per month is *all you need* to have a successful business.

What are some possibilities:

  • Speaking or teaching at your own introductory event
  • Speaking or teaching at someone else’s event
  • Running an online webinar
  • Advertising campaign
  • Running a client referral campaign
  • Offering something new to your existing list
  • Finding a friend with a list and asking them to mail for you
  • Visiting a networking event or conference
  • Write and publish some articles
  • Creating an broadcasting a press release
  • Create and distribute a video
  • …what else?

Do you have other ideas or questions? Let me know.




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