Seduction, Sales, and Pulling the Trigger

Pulling the TriggerI want to talk about how to fill a workshop. It’s called ‘pulling the trigger’.

See, the way it works is, at some point you have to ask someone to, metaphorically speaking “$%^& or get off the pot”.

When dating, you can ‘woo’ a woman, act all cool, but at some point you *must* ‘escalate’…meaning get her number, invite her out, kiss her, or move towards the bedroom.

She knows you will. You know you will. And the sooner you move, the more comfortable and happy you both are, actually.

What does this have to do with marketing?

A number of you have called me this week with this basic problem:

“I have an event I must fill soon. I have some people who have expressed interest but haven’t booked yet. What do I do?”

Easy: you pull the trigger—actually invite them to.

What this means practically is:

  1. Make an appointment to talk to them about the event
  2. Help them understand what the event will bring them (outcomes+evidences), and
  3. Invite them to ‘fire’, or pull the trigger.

This also provides you with an opportunity to resolve any objections or fears they might have and to negotiate around payment deadlines, as well as to learn what it is your potential attendees really want and expect.

After that call, you know: Are they in? Or are they out?

Either way:

  1. The stress of ‘maybe’ attendees disappears
  2. You know whether you have to do more marketing or not.

Pretty simple, actually.

So, why don’t we pull the trigger?

Why doesn’t a pocket-protector wearing virgin ask for a telephone number? Usually because he’s afraid that the answer will be no.

She’s already not in bed with you. There is no ‘more negative result’.

They already are not attending. The only thing that can happen is improvement, right? They might sign up.

And, by your calling, you have shown that you are interested in knowing them, you like them enough to talk to them and you want to offer them the opportunity to do this cool thing.

There is no risk.

Fill your events.

Pull the trigger.

Ryan Orrock is an expert at sales and internet marketing, especially in the fields of intimacy, relationships, and sexuality.

Contact him for a free chat about how he can fill your events and your coaching practice using the contact form.



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