One Dakini’s Story

Let me tell you a story. A very shaken dakini called me last year in late November. She had a holiday [vacation for us Yanks] to Asia planned and didn’t know how her family was going to be able to pay for it.

We spoke twice. Right after, she had her biggest day ever financially. Then her biggest week ever. She went to Asia. She had great fun. And she came back and picked up where she left off.

Her business was doing much better at this point. She knew how to use her list and e-mail to generate clients whenever she wanted. And she did. She was making thousands of pounds per month.

But something needed to change. She was feeling a little burned out.

So she called me again.

And we did three things:

1. Tracked exactly what she was doing and the results she was getting.

2. Put priorities in place for her to transform her business to the next level. This involved creating client packages and coaching programs.

3. Created a weekly accountability and Q+A call for support, encouragement, and to answer any questions that had come up in the past week.

Within three months, her income had gone up almost 30%. Her hourly rate had increased the same amount. In other words, the same amount of hours worked (a little under 10 client hours per week) had netted her an extra 30% (about $2000).

Imagine that every client, after they finish a session with you, turn around and throw an extra 50-dollar bill on your desk before they leave. That’s pretty much what happened to her.

And this is just the beginning. She has people wanting to train with her now. She is setting up a long-term internet-based coaching program. And she’s got a vacation planned to Asia for ‘an unspecified time’. And she has all the money she needs for the vacation months in advance.

This dakini is paying very good money for her coaching. And I want everyone to benefit from the principles and ideas that she is implementing.

So I am creating a mastermind.

A mastermind is going to provide a way for people who are not ready, willing, or able to get 1:1 private coaching to get:

  1. Accountability
  2. Motivation and
  3. Ideas

…that are otherwise very difficult to find.

And, some people find that they just really enjoy getting support in a group.

It’s called the ‘Naked Mastermind’. It doesn’t have many spots. And you can read more about it here.

Looking forward to seeing you there and wishing you as much success as this Dakini!



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