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Get 90% of my coaching for free

I was listening to Josh Waitzkin talk about his coaching. He coaches billion-dollar hedge fund managers and other titans of Wall Street.

And what he teaches is:

  1. Mindfulness and
  2. Journaling.

I thought, “Hey! That’s what I teach people!”

The #1 difference between the people who ‘make it’ to where they want to go and those who don’t, is this.

The #1 thing that has changed my life most powerfully and completely, is this.

A simple, daily mindfulness practice, combined with the consciousness-building activity of writing.

It doesn’t have to be a long time. Five minutes is better than nothing. And five minutes every day adds up. Fifteen is even better.

Taking a few minutes to ‘work’ on your life instead of acting in your life can make all the difference.

This is my meditation and what I recommend to everyone who works with me.

What do they get?

Physical healing. More money. Less worry. Better relationships. It’s almost ridiculous how powerful this is for how small an investment of time and energy it represents.

But simple, small actions are what usually make the difference in the long run. Not giant, heroic things.

A 1% improvement compounded over time puts you in a completely different place than if you hadn’t.

Why is this 90% of my coaching? It’s the first thing I recommend. It’s the thing I follow up on most with accountability. And it brings amazing results–for free.

Want amazing coaching for free? Do this.