Evolutionary Sales

Evolutionary Sales is a complete system for holistic entrepreneurs (or anyone who sells 1:1) to enable them to best serve others with long-term (3 month+) packages.

What Evolutionary Sales allows you to do:

  • Sell without pressure, ‘tricks’ or dishonesty
  • Redefine sales into simply allowing your potential client to see the benefits in working with you in a deep and meaningful basis
  •  Create powerful relationships of change with clients

I partner with Jason McClain of www.evolutionarysales.com and provide his Evolutionary Sales training and materials as part of 1:1 Evolutionary Sales Coaching.

Evolutionary Sales Coaching can be a part of your coaching plan with me.

If you want to sell more effectively, especially if you are working in holistic wellness, contact me and we can talk about what Evolutionary Sales can do for you.